Nov. 12th, 2009

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Ugh my schedule this week is going to wipe me out.

Today I barbacked so that was only a 5 hour shift but the rest of the week sucks.
Thursday 6 pm until 4 or 5 am
Friday 3 pm until midnight.
Saturday 1 pm until midnight
Sunday 5 pm until 5 or 6 am

And with that I am going to bed.
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So my old account was suspended for absolute bullshit reasons. They claimed my account was registered and connected with accounts used to harass other people. They only said this after I opened a support request. DW support claimed an email was sent to the "primary account" yet I never recieved one.

This is completely ridiculous and I know it has something to do with [personal profile] sanctified. Who was in fact harassing me and using sock puppet accounts to talk shit about me. I want my old account back. :( I didn't do anything wrong.


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