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Well today was an absolute shit hole of a day.

I am thankful and lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend and best friend to cheer me up when shit gets bad though.
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Dear, [personal profile] ajnadragonheart, I have no clue who you are. You offer no information about yourself anywhere on your journal and the fact that you subscribed to me without saying anything is a bit creepy. What is your purpose?
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Last night when I got home from work I dyed my hair a very very dark plum. Of course to achieve this on black hair, I had to bleach it a bit. My hair is now very angry with me. I've smothered it in Moroccan oil and told it I am sorry but I think it is still angry.

My computer is angry and sick also. It has a particularly nasty malware virus that is proving really hard to get rid of. Poor old computer, it may be time for me to replace it if Will can't fix it.

Oh well, at least nothing with actual feelings is mad at me.
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My time turner necklace came today!
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Exactly one year after shaving my head my hair has grown this much.

the pieces coming down in front of my ears are the only part that haven't had a trim. That's a lot of growth. I think in another year my hair will be the length I want it.
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I'm really not a fan of every pair of boots I want being $500. I swear, without even looking at prices that 9 times out of 10 I gravitate toward the expensive stuff. Maybe it means I have an eye for quality?

It is Will and I's ten month anniversary today. We "celebrated" by getting gyros. Speaking of Will, he found a new job quicker than we both anticipated. Thank god! Pedicab season ended on Halloween so it took him less than a month. And he gets to do bike work which is what he wanted. I can finally stop stressing about money now.
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For the past few Saturdays I've been waiting on this young couple. Guy and girl. They're both buskers and possibly homeless. Either way, I'm pretty surethey get most of their money from busking. I've only been working the Saturday swing shift for about 6 weeks so I don't have many regulars yet but this couple are my favorite by far. They are polite, know how to actually order in a restaurant ( which oddly enough is a skill not many people have$ and aren't needy. They also always make sure they raise enough money to leave a couple bucks for a tip, even if it's in quarters and dimes.

Anyways, my point. Today they left me this.

their money for their check and the tip! I kept the dollar folded into a heart intact. It was the most adorable thing any customers ever done for me and it definitely made my day.
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Since yesterday at work was so boring and slow, I took a bunch of pictures of random stuff around the restaurant with my phone.
They are obviously not good quality since they were taken with a phone. )
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I've been letting my hair do whatever it wants out if pure laziness and as a result it comes out like this most of the time.

I'm feeling overworked and underwhelmed lately.
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Sometimes it's such a huge bummer being almost completely socially inept.
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So my old account was suspended for absolute bullshit reasons. They claimed my account was registered and connected with accounts used to harass other people. They only said this after I opened a support request. DW support claimed an email was sent to the "primary account" yet I never recieved one.

This is completely ridiculous and I know it has something to do with [personal profile] sanctified. Who was in fact harassing me and using sock puppet accounts to talk shit about me. I want my old account back. :( I didn't do anything wrong.
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Ugh my schedule this week is going to wipe me out.

Today I barbacked so that was only a 5 hour shift but the rest of the week sucks.
Thursday 6 pm until 4 or 5 am
Friday 3 pm until midnight.
Saturday 1 pm until midnight
Sunday 5 pm until 5 or 6 am

And with that I am going to bed.


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