Nov. 15th, 2009

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For the past few Saturdays I've been waiting on this young couple. Guy and girl. They're both buskers and possibly homeless. Either way, I'm pretty surethey get most of their money from busking. I've only been working the Saturday swing shift for about 6 weeks so I don't have many regulars yet but this couple are my favorite by far. They are polite, know how to actually order in a restaurant ( which oddly enough is a skill not many people have$ and aren't needy. They also always make sure they raise enough money to leave a couple bucks for a tip, even if it's in quarters and dimes.

Anyways, my point. Today they left me this.

their money for their check and the tip! I kept the dollar folded into a heart intact. It was the most adorable thing any customers ever done for me and it definitely made my day.


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